Sample Applications

There are several sample applications available that illustrate the use of the Azuga ELD API set.  You can download the source for these applications and experiment with them directly from your local browser.

Basic “read” Access to Objects

Probably the simplest way to begin working with the API set is to explore the various endpoints using the http “GET” operator. The file “vt_api_testbed.html” is a small Javascript application that, when launched, provides an interface to retrieve all records of a certain type within an account. When you click the link, the application itself will launch in the browser. Alternatively, you can right-click on the link to download the source to the page onto your local system.

Access Azuga ELD API Testbed-V2

Creating Objects

Clicking the link below will allow you to download a “.zip” file containing source to several small samples. Each sample is designed to create a particular type of object. This zipfile expands into a directory containing several HTML pages with names of the form “createType.html. Corresponding to each of these pages is a small Javascript file with the same basename, but with a “.js” suffix. The real logic that is common to all the pages resides in the createxxx-jscore.js file. As long as these files reside in the same directory you should be able to launch any sample application by clicking on the “.html” file to open it in a browser. For additional instructions on how to use the examples, view the README pdf file first.

Access createSample- V2

Sample VBUS Manager

Clicking the link below will allow you to download a “.zip” file containing a sample VBUS manager application.

Access VBUSManagerExample