Installation of Atlas Device for use with Azuga ELD

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  • Open Azuga ELD app (or Branded App)
  • Login to the app using a driver user account
  • On the main dashboard, tap the ‘Connect’ button which is located below the app header to display the ‘Connect to Vehicle’ dialog.
  • At this point, 2 options were present in order to establish a connection to the VBUS device: Manual Connection and Auto Connection.

    1. Manual Connection
      • Tap on the ‘Manual Connection’ button

      • Select VBUS Device – Atlas

      • Tap on the Next button
        • If the Bluetooth of the device is disabled, the ‘Bluetooth Permission Request’ dialog will be displayed.
        • Tap on the Yes button to enable the Bluetooth of the device

      • Choose the correct Bluetooth device from the list

      • It will then display the VBUS Progress dialog upon establishing a connection to the selected VBUS device along with a ‘Stop Connection’ and ‘Ok’ buttons:
        1. Tap ‘Stop Connection’ button to stop establishing VBUS connection.
        2. Tap OK button to hide the VBUS Progress dialog while establishing VBUS connection.

      • If the VBUS connection results to an error (given the following situations below), an error dialog will display.
        • VBUS Data Error
          1. Interrupted Internet Connection
          2. VBUS Power Failure

            Note: The app will automatically disconnect from the device after attempting to connect for 1 minute and 30 seconds without receiving any data from the VBUS device.

      • Upon establishing a connection to the VBUS device you should hear a tone letting you know that device is now connected.
      • When the app is successfully connected to the VBUS device, the Update Firmware dialog will then be displayed to check if there are any firmware updates

      • After checking VBUS update, if there’s an update available, a dialog will then be displayed asking if you want to “Update Atlas Firmware?” along with ‘Stop Update’ and ‘OK’ buttons.

      • Once OK button is tapped,  a dialog for updating the VBUS firmware will then be displayed.

      • Upgrading of the latest Atlas Firmware will then start and can be seen the progress in the Android Notification bar.

      • When the update is completed, a confirmation dialog will be displayed stating: “Atlas firmware update complete.”

      • To check if you are connected, navigate to the Main Dashboard and the VBUS status indicator should be displayed as “Connected” which is located on the app header.

      • You can also check on the Android Notification Bar and you should see the VBUS Service status as “Connected”

      • The device and the application are now connected.

    2. Auto Connection
      • Tap on the Connect button
      • The VBUS Progress dialog will then display
      • Upon establishing a connection to the VBUS device, You should hear a tone letting you know that device is now connected.
        • Prerequisites to successfully perform Auto Connection
          • Create a Pre-configured device in the Portal’s Equipment Management Page or in the App’s Manage Vehicles/Trailers screen
          • Set the ELD Configurations

            Note: Only users allowed to Manage Equipment can create equipment in the app.